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January 4th and 5th in Sacramento, California


This is a tale about the critical importance of accepting one’s vulnerability to live a wholehearted life. It is about the way our fears and anxieties must be battled if we are to become our best selves, about the power of the Light in our ongoing battle with that Darkness, about the reality that all we need is already within us, and about the way that two people can encourage, support and build each other up in their journey.

In the process of learning about the power of Light in this epic battle, our characters encounter the Darkness, and thus our story introduces images of the darkness civilization has had to battle over the years, and, of course, that includes themes of hatred, poverty, war and man’s inhumanity to man. Thinking about our own children and the conversations we hope to have with them about these topics, we are suggesting that this show is appropriate for children at age ten and above.

Battle Cry is the story of Evangeline and Oliver. Evangeline struggles with depression and a sense of never being enough. Though she has found love and entered in to a relationship, she finds herself living a life of scarcity and fear. As she looks at her life, she feels a deep longing for purpose and significance. Her days are filled with routine chores and tasks, but she is unfulfilled. Oliver, too, is sleepwalking through his days. Bullying in his youth left him with a sense of self-loathing. He has turned inward and struggles with anxieties. He lives without passion or significant goals or a sense of purpose. He lives “an ordinary life.”

Together, they come to understand how weakness and vulnerability are keys to true strength and wholehearted living, and they find that they can help each other discover and access their own strengths. They learn that the dark doesn’t destroy the light; rather, that it defines it! They discover that it was their fear of the dark that cast their joy into the shadows. And finally, they discover that only when we are brave enough to face the Darkness we we able to discover the power of the Light.

*Parental Guidance advised for children under 10 years old.