Chadash artist in residence in documentary


“Along with Judi, the Chadash family is so pleased to share this short documentary she participated in for “This is Life With Cancer,” which allowed her to express the joy that she gets both from being a part of the Chadash family and from her creative work with our dance company. We hope our friends in California will enjoy the current Chadash production when it comes to Roseville the first week in January.” #inspirationlives


Our Chadash Family Portrait


We now have thirty-three contributors to our dance concert, including nine professional dancers from California, Texas, and Colorado and six pre-pros from the Denver area. Our Chadash family for this production also includes two filmmakers, five actors, two painters,  two photographers, a composer, a poet and spoken word performer, our costume designer, a post production specialist, sound and lighting designers, and, of course, our choreographer and artistic director. Though most of our contributors are from either California or Colorado, some live and work in other parts of the country.

Our California and Texas contributors are traveling to Broomfield to join our local colleagues in creating a meaningful work of art that has the potential to cultivate renewal, reparation, and restoration in a broken world. Combining dance with a variety of other visual and performing arts, we tell stories in an effort to honestly acknowledge the world as it is, but with the intent to engage in the conversation about what the world can be. Through transcendent choreography that cuts to the heart, stirs the soul and is thought-proving, we seek to “stand in the ashes of the barn burned down and point to the moon. One half in suffering and one half in hope.”  For thousands of years the arts have stirred, moved and shaped culture in ways that nothing else could. In a society that has shifted to screens, Chadash restores the unique power of the live stage!

We hope you will join us. Tickets are available at

What to Expect at Made For Another World



Made For Another World takes the form of concert dance, in which the primary aim is to tell a story. To present that story in the most engaging manner possible, we have assembled the collective works of several members of the Chadash family of artists, including painters, filmmakers, multi-media artists, photographers, musicians, songwriters, actors, poets and spoken word artists along with that of our choreographer and costumer.

This is a story that resonates for most of us in the modern age. Children live in the world with full hearts and open hands, filled with wonder and joy and hope, curious about everything and everyone. But as we grow older, challenging circumstances introduce us to enemies of the heart, emotions and pitfalls that can shrink our joy for living. Fear, Busyness, false Ego, Apathy–each of these enemies of the heart can cause our lives to shrink as our hands and hearts, once open and receptive, soon begin to close.

These are the enemies that accost our protagonist, who was created to live life richly from the heart–free, unfettered and filled with joy and hope. Our story tells the tale of her quest for a better world, a world where she can be victorious over the enemies of her heart and live the life for which she was made. Made For Another World is the story of an abundant life reclaimed.

Chadash is a contemporary dance company. Our concerts employ various forms of dance, including modern, ballet and even some jazz and musical theatre. And the music is too eclectic to even catalogue!

The production is divided into two acts: the first about 45 minutes and the second about 30 minutes. There is a 15 minute intermission dividing them.

The first act begins with a dance introducing the story and characters, and includes voice over narration to set the stage for the four scenes that follow. In each of these four scenes, the protagonist interacts with one of the enemies of the heart. Each dance is preceded by a short film or slide show that introduces the particular enemy. The show also includes a chorus of dancers, who, through movement and voice-over narration, comment on the events of the story.

The second act consists of the culmination of the protagonist’s journey as she comes to a new understanding and makes decisions about who she chooses to be in this world.

We have intentionally created a family friendly show so that people from school age children on up to their great grandparents should have an engaging, positive experience. Our mission is “to stand in the ashes of the barn burned down, pointing to the moon, one foot in suffering and one foot in hope.” We want to see humanity as we are in our productions, but always with an eye to whom we could become!

Tickets are currently available online at
The show plays at the Patti Baker Theatre at Roseville High School (1 Tiger Way, Roseville, CA) on January 5 and 6, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

Troy Warwick

Kelly was so pleased to meet Troy Warwick and his talented young son Eli, who were both a part of Johnny Clark’s film project for which Kelly created choreography.  Not only did she enjoy working with him in that capacity, but soon after she fell in love with his photography, and immediately felt it was supposed to be a part of the “Made For Another World” concert.  We are extremely excited to have Troy’s amazing photography featured in our concert, and, as with our other visual artists, his work will be available for purchase in the lobby before the show, at intermission, and after the concert.  You don’t want miss it!  Purchase tickets at

Troy’s Bio:

Troy is a photographer, filmmaker and worship leader who believes that music and art are a language given to us to draw us and our world closer to God.  His wife and three children enjoy exploring and adventuring to new places together.  We have always loved the beauty of God’s creation and we make an effort to put our lives in its way – allowing it to enrich us, reboot us, reconnect us, and fill us up – drawing us closer to God and to one another as a family. We crave simplicity and peace – free from the noise, busyness, materialism, and expectations of our culture.

Voiceover Actors


As we have shared about the storyline of our show and the way in which the production incorporates such a variety of visual and performing arts in the telling, many artists we have worked with in the past have become interested and volunteered to become a part of this production. Chadash thanks these three wonderful friends, who graciously offered their time and talent to a late scheduled recording session . . . We are delighted to include them in the Chadash family!

Ernesto Bustos is proud to be a part of this project. He brings his skills and experience as a voice actor having worked groups like the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California State University at Sacramento, and Smosh. Some of his favorite theatrical credits include Chief Bromden in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Che Che in “Ana in the Tropics,” and Diego Rivera in “Frida.” Ernesto dedicates his performance to his son, Xavier, in hopes that he continues to pursue his passion as a dancer.

Codi Rose Burns performed in her teen years at Fair Oaks Repertory Theatre. Her favorite roles include Little Red in Into the Woods, Gilmore in Godspell (for which she was nominated for an Ellie award), and Carrie in Carousel. With her two children now in college, she is completing her coursework to become a speech therapist. Codi is captivated by the mission and vision of Chadash, and pleased to contribute to this project that serves a kingdom purpose.

Kim Moses was bitten by the acting bug in 5th grade when she was chosen to play Carrie Cavity, the Evil Tooth Fairy and has continued to perform in community theater for over 20 years. Favorite credits include: Belinda/Flavia in Noises Off, Maggie Cutler in The Man Who Came to Dinner, Chris in Rumors, and both Shelby and M’Lynn in two separate productions of Steel Magnolias. Kim has also done voice over work for both TV and radio commercials and was delighted to be asked to lend her talent to the collection of Chadash artists.


Natalie Lambelet


A true highlight of the Chadash family is the community we build through the process of bringing our stories to life. We are enriched by the friendships that form during the course of our projects. And some friendships have been forged and cherished even on the edges of Chadash. Kelly was introduced to Natalie Lambelet through Chadash after last year’s concert was already cast, when Natalie came onboard to assist and manage backstage. Since that time, Natalie’s whole family has become treasured friends of the Archer family. We are so excited to get the chance to work with her and appreciate the beauty of her performance as a dancer in “Made For Another World!”

Natalie’s Bio:

Natalie has recently relocated to Denver and is thrilled to join Kelly and the beautiful cast. She is a trained dancer, visual artist and amateur trail runner. At the age of 16 she received a full merit scholarship to study at the School of Ballet Chicago and furthered her training with private coaching by Gelsey Kirkland. She has performed as a freelance artist in NYC for 8 years and had the opportunity to travel and dance in places such as Paris and Berlin. She holds a BA at the University of New Mexico, where she later served as adjunct professor; she was also faculty at the School of Steps on Broadway in New York City, and is currently a guest teacher at Denver School of the Arts.

The Power of Beauty


Judi and her husband, Craig, had a conversation some time ago about where they found beauty in the world. For him, a sports enthusiast and former basketball coach, one answer was “in a perfectly executed fast break,” which he described as “poetry in motion.” For her, one example was “sitting on the shore, listening to the crashing waves break against the rocks and watching the sea spray dance in the air.” Beauty in the human form and in athleticism. Beauty in the grandeur and majesty of nature. We have long been patrons of the arts and recognize the beauty and truth we have experienced over the years in live theatre, film, visual art and dance.

At Chadash, we believe that beauty speaks to the core of our beings in a way nothing else can. Art has the potential to move us, to inspire us, to enlighten us, to educate us, to encourage us and to excite us. Come experience the gift of beauty and truth the arts offer! Get your tickets today to see Made For Another World.

Dance Photo: Vincent Hardy