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Beacon Beacon 3
Broomfield, CO August 2019
Sacramento, CA January 2020

Continuing our quest to stand in the ashes of the barn burned down and point to the moon, Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement is proudly presented Beacon. This unique professional dance experience utilized multiple visual and performing arts to tell the generational story of three individuals afflicted with significant life challenges. Their perseverance in the face of devastating adversity and their ability to find inroads to hope and possibility provides an inspiring look at the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

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The Breath & The Clay Conference
Winston-Salem, NC March 2019

The Breath & the Clay is a creative arts gathering exploring the intersections of art, faith & culture.  Chadash had the privilege of presenting some excerpts from Battle Cry for this amazing and powerful confluence of creatives.


battle-cry (2)

Battle Cry
Broomfield, CO August 2018
Sacramento, CA January 2019

Battle Cry tells the tale of Evangeline and Oliver, a story that is common to all of us who seek meaning and significance in our relationships and our lives. We all long for love and acceptance, and we all want to live a life that matters. Evangeline and Oliver are no different. Theirs is a quest for wholehearted, passionate living. Waking to the realization that a meaningful life is passing them by, they learn to face their fears and seek to find the best in each other. Evangeline and Oliver embark on a journey to become their best and most courageous selves, overcoming the darkness that preys on their individual fears by learning how to see in one another, and ultimately, in themselves, strengths they did not know they possessed. Evangeline and Oliver come to understand that only when we are brave enough to face the Darkness will we discover the infinite power of the Light.

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Presenting Denver Dance Festival
Denver, CO June 2018

Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement was proud to have been selected to be a part of the inaugural Presenting Denver Dance Festival. The 2018 Presenting Denver Dance Festival, co-presented by Presenting Denver and The Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts, a compilation of world premieres by Colorado artists 3rd Law Dance/Theater, Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement, Edgar L. Page, Gregory Gonzales, Hannah Kahn Dance Company, Helanius J. Wilkins, Kristen Demaree, and The Schiff Dance Collective.

Made For Another Worldtake 3
Broomfield, CO August 2017
Sacramento, CA January 2018

“Made For Another World” tells a story familiar to most of us–a story most of us have lived one way or another. We come into this world with full hearts and open hands, filled with wonder and joy and hope. But as we grow older, challenging circumstances introduce us to enemies of the heart, emotions, and pitfalls that can shrink our joy for living. Fear, Busyness, False Ego and Apathy are the enemies that accost our protagonist, who was created to live richly from the heart–free, unfettered and filled with joy and hope. Our story tells the tale of her quest for a better world, a world in which she can be victorious over the enemies of her heart and live the full, abundant life for which she was created.


Palm Desert Choreography Festival
Palm Desert, CA November 2016

An excerpt of A Life’s Song was chosen for the prestigious 19th annual McCallum Institutes Festival… it was an honor to be a part of this festival!




A Life’s Song
Broomfield, CO August 2016

Chadash Dance, a new professional contemporary dance company based in the Denver area, presents A Lifes Song, a captivating story told through dance that follows a life, from childhood to old age. This transcendent journey of movement will provoke thought, stir the soul and fill the heart.

A Lifes Song Flyer (2)