Our Chadash Family Portrait


We now have thirty-three contributors to our dance concert, including nine professional dancers from California, Texas, and Colorado and six pre-pros from the Denver area. Our Chadash family for this production also includes two filmmakers, five actors, two painters,  two photographers, a composer, a poet and spoken word performer, our costume designer, a post production specialist, sound and lighting designers, and, of course, our choreographer and artistic director. Though most of our contributors are from either California or Colorado, some live and work in other parts of the country.

Our California and Texas contributors are traveling to Broomfield to join our local colleagues in creating a meaningful work of art that has the potential to cultivate renewal, reparation, and restoration in a broken world. Combining dance with a variety of other visual and performing arts, we tell stories in an effort to honestly acknowledge the world as it is, but with the intent to engage in the conversation about what the world can be. Through transcendent choreography that cuts to the heart, stirs the soul and is thought-proving, we seek to “stand in the ashes of the barn burned down and point to the moon. One half in suffering and one half in hope.”  For thousands of years the arts have stirred, moved and shaped culture in ways that nothing else could. In a society that has shifted to screens, Chadash restores the unique power of the live stage!

We hope you will join us. Tickets are available at anotherworld.brownpapertickets.com


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