Back to School


We wanted to share some thoughts that Regan, the husband of Chadash’s artistic director, had about whether or not students should attend our concert, “Made For Another World.”

It’s almost time for our kids to go back to school. Some are itching, some need to be encouraged and some- possibly forced! We make sure that school and vegetables are a regular part of our kids lives, knowing what they need even when they don’t. But, what about art? Our kids are enmeshed in the art of our culture, but does that art stand the test of the Ancient Greek philosophers, is it good, is it true, is it beautiful? What our kids are continually exposed to will shape them into who they will be tomorrow. Stretch your kids. Expose them to transformative art that is good, true and beautiful. Check out “Made For Another World” and have some great post-show conversations about the life they truly want to live before they head back to school! -Regan Archer, veteran youth pastor and practicing parent.


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