Troy Warwick

Kelly was so pleased to meet Troy Warwick and his talented young son Eli, who were both a part of Johnny Clark’s film project for which Kelly created choreography.  Not only did she enjoy working with him in that capacity, but soon after she fell in love with his photography, and immediately felt it was supposed to be a part of the “Made For Another World” concert.  We are extremely excited to have Troy’s amazing photography featured in our concert, and, as with our other visual artists, his work will be available for purchase in the lobby before the show, at intermission, and after the concert.  You don’t want miss it!  Purchase tickets at

Troy’s Bio:

Troy is a photographer, filmmaker and worship leader who believes that music and art are a language given to us to draw us and our world closer to God.  His wife and three children enjoy exploring and adventuring to new places together.  We have always loved the beauty of God’s creation and we make an effort to put our lives in its way – allowing it to enrich us, reboot us, reconnect us, and fill us up – drawing us closer to God and to one another as a family. We crave simplicity and peace – free from the noise, busyness, materialism, and expectations of our culture.


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